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men can have.. 

man farmer

We’re inviting men

from all over the country 

to come spend a weekend in the bush 

camping under the stars,

with heaps of good food,

loads of great mates & plenty of laughs

There are blokes coming from everywhere so you'll fit right in, 

if you have questions about God & life then this is for you

No matter what your story has been 

this weekend can be the start of

significant change.

Bring your mates, your brothers & your sons, it's all free.


We'll focus on the important questions in life ... 

- How can I know God in a real way 

- find purpose & direction in my life

- be a better husband and father 

- tap into God's strength to live 

- be the man I was created to be

- have real hope for the future

We believe men's lives can be transformed,

relationships rebuilt, hope restored.

It's time to get real with God.

cross country mighty men
inverell mighty men

Our great friend Angus Buchan will welcome us from South Africa.

You'll relate to our guest speakers, everyday guys sharing their real life stories ..... and we'll have a great band.

Come for the weekend,

bring a mob of mates,

what have you got to lose, it's free!​

Basic rundown


4 pm ... Arrive & set up camp 

5 pm ... We’ll enjoy dinner together

Then we'll meet in the open under the setting sky,  we have a full outdoor stage setup.

Over the weekend:

  • We'll enjoy good country food & heaps of laughs

  • We'll have plenty of time to spend with mates,

  • There'll be 4 main sessions, where we'll get real with God,

  • We'll finish on Sunday morning with a big family gathering  

Sunday morning is for everyone

our families & friends are welcome to join us from 9:30 - 11:00am 

(no tickets required for Sunday)

The whole weekend is free, we want everyone to come.

Book your ticket now

Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and FIGHT for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes! Neh 4:14
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