Do you want to 

know God

in a  real  way

G'day men,

    Because of the continuing covid restrictions, we have to postpone Inverell Mighty Men's weekend till 2021.  We will let you know details as soon as possible. 

    But this does give us new opportunities.  God is using covid to make everyone question where they get their security from, because we are cut off from people we are realising the value of our relationships, & doing things online means we can reach men that we wouldn't normally have contact with.  We are still all about encouraging men to get real with God.


    So we are running some men's Alpha groups online, we'd like to invite you to join us.  It's a great opportunity to catch up weekly over skype with a bunch of blokes, & have a safe space to explore life, faith and meaning.  Email me on


    Also can I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel,  we want to talk man to man about life's real issues, about standing up as men & facing challenges head on with real hope & purpose.  Hit the link.






This a great opportunity for you to invite your mates, this is for real, everyday Australian men.

We believe men's lives can be changed, relationships can be rebuilt, hope can be restored. Let's get to know the real Jesus, & to consider how knowing Him can change every part of our live's.

..hear who Jesus really is..

..know your purpose in life..

..find God's strength to live..

..this is for everybody ...

     Contact me with any questions, I'm always available to talk, thnx Danny    

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Inverell Mighty Men 
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Inverell Mighty Men weekend camp

postponed to 2021

We’re inviting men from all over

the country, to come to Inverell,

to spend a weekend 

getting real with God



No matter what your story is, wherever you're from,

whatever your background....

this weekend is a catalyst 

(the start of significant change)

you should bring your mates, bring your sons (14+),

bring your neighbours



we believe men's lives can be transformed, 

relationships rebuilt, hope restored


This weekend is being organised by an ordinary bunch of blokes; farmers, builders, agronomists, professionals, & tradies.  Some of us are young & just starting out, some have weathered a few droughts.  We are normal blokes like you, with our share of struggles, but our lives have been changed completely when we got to know Jesus. 

We are real men, who have found our real God.  

So we want to get a big mob of us together, to camp on a property just west of Inverell.  

We'll get away from our daily grind so we can focus on the important things in life ..... 

Can I know God in a real way? 

What's the purpose of my life?

How can I be a better husband and father? 

How can I tap into God's strength to live? 

Finding answers to these questions will change you... but it takes courage to change.   

 It's time for men to stand up and be men,

to have courage, and...

 Fight for our wives and families, 

 Fight for our integrity, 

 Fight for our mates. 

 When men learn to rely on God’s strength, 

 we become strong men, 

 strong men create strong families, 

 strong families create strong churches, 

 strong churches create strong communities. 

Excuses are over .. Feeling hopeless is over

Fear is over .. Choosing to do nothing is over


Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and FIGHT for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes! Neh 4:14

We know that men want....

  • to do the best for their family,

  • they want purpose & direction in life,

  • they want their life to count, to make a difference,

  • they want to matter to someone, to be accepted & belong, 

  • men want to be respected ... but they want to earn that respect,

  • they want to know their life struggle is accomplishing something,

  • men want an adventure, life should be going somewhere, not going nowhere,

  • men want to know the truth, they want something solid they can base their life on.

We get it, we're men too. 

So we want to talk openly and honestly about: 

  • confronting life’s challenges,

  • facing our brokenness,

  • about reconciling relationships and restoring marriages,

  • about standing up as men and fighting for our families,

  • about living with integrity,

  • about impacting the communities we live in.

We want you to know what it's like:

  • to be truly free,

  • to have deep down in your guts peace,

  • to be genuinely content,

  • to know your purpose in life,

  • and to have real hope for the future. 

  • We believe you can only find all that in God, so coming to God is the key.

  • We want you to know that ordinary men can live extraordinary lives with God.  


So we have some great guys coming to meet with us. 

One is Allan Meyer from Lifekeys.  Allan spends his life speaking to men, giving them tools to do life better, & helping them to know God in a real way.



Our great friend Angus Buchan will join us for a session, streaming from South Africa.















You'll also relate to our other guest speakers, everyday guys sharing their real life stories ..... and we'll have a great band.

There's going to be a heap of us here, we'll camp under the southern cross, swap stories with mates around campfires, watch the sun come up over the Waterloo range in the east, & watch it set over the Kaputar range to the west.  

You should come join us for the weekend....what have you got to lose, it's free!

You can relax ....

  • There are guys coming from everywhere, so you'll blend in.

  • If you have questions about God and life, then this is for you, you'll fit right in. 

  • This is for normal blokes, run by men, for men.

  • On the weekend you'll have time and space to think through life's big questions for yourself, no one will tell you what to think.

  • You'll find us accepting and genuine.

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Basic rundown for weekend

Sat ... Arrive & set up camp ... we’ll start with din