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ABOUT US .. We are an ordinary bunch of blokes, from right across the north west of NSW, farmers, builders, agronomists, professionals and tradies.   Some of us are just starting out, some have weathered a few droughts.  We have our share of struggles, I'm sure we have a lot in common with you.  But our lives have been changed completely as we have come to know Jesus.  We are real men, who have met our Real God. 

      So we want to get a mob of men together & give them an opportunity to think through the really important questions in life.  To help us do that, we'll have some great speakers, we'll share some good food, enjoy the outdoors, & swap our life stories.  You should come join us.

Our purpose is to be a


the start of significant change

Step 1.   We want men to come to know Jesus as their Lord...  

  • then they can go home & lead their families to know Jesus.

Step 2.   We want to see believers completely surrendered to God, growing stronger in their relationship with Him, on fire for Him...  

  • we want to see men committed to living on God's mission,

  • we want to see relationships restored; husbands to wives, fathers to sons & daughters, men to churches,

  • we want men to learn to stand up & fight in God's strength... no more being passive, sitting back, doing nothing... instead full of courage, becoming the men they were created to be.

Step 3.   We want to send men back into their everyday lives to...

  • lead their families... becoming better husbands and fathers,

  • become better disciple makers and more effective in their churches,

  • become more fruitful for the kingdom in their workplaces and community.

Step 4.   We want to build up Jesus' church...

  • we want to encourage men to go back into their local churches

  • we want these churches to be revived & strengthened as they disciple new believers,

  • we desire to be part of the whole church, taking the whole gospel, to the whole world

We have no agenda, we don’t want you to join anything or want anything from you.... but like Paul in Phil 1 we do want to partner with you, standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith.

God is asking, where are my men, who will go for me?


"Who can I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?  I said, Here I am Lord. Send me." Is 6:8-9

Our Lord is calling us.  Will we be obedient, will we step out in faith & trust Him?    

Here we are Lord, send us. 

We want to go to men for God. 

To see this all this happen, we need men to bring other men

This is a great opportunity for all christian blokes to bring their mates, sons and neighbours; and together we'll introduce them to Jesus.  

On this weekend, ordinary blokes can come along and be real, feel accepted, hear who Jesus is, what He has done for us and how He wants us to know Him now.  Men will have the opportunity to meet Jesus.  Then they can go back into their local church to be discipled, and see their families also led to Jesus.

We would love for you to pray about this.  Tell all the men you know.  Encourage them to invite all their mates.  

We are doing this to serve Jesus, and His church.... 

This isn’t put on by any one church, but by men from lots of churches, who want to see men following Jesus as their Lord.  John Wesley said.... “Revival is a people saturated with God”.... This is who we want to be.


We really want to connect with you, feel free to contact Danny Everingham anytime, details are below

We are a part of Mighty Men Conferences, started in South Africa when Angus Buchan was called to challenge men to surrender to God completely, and to live for God in their marriages, homes, workplaces, churches and community.  To call them to be prophets, priests and kings as outlined above.  The story of Angus and his family is told in the movie "Faith like Potatoes".

We preach Jesus, His substitutionary death on the cross, His physical resurrection, all based on the inspired Word of God.  We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  We affirm the Lausanne covenant, you can see it here;



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