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The whole weekend is free, we want everyone to come.  It is for men only, aged 14 & up.  It'd be great if you bring along your mates, sons & neighbours.

We'll meet outdoors on top of Mt Stirling, 10 min west of Inverell, see directions on home page.

There is plenty of room for you to bring your swags, tents, or even vans on site (unpowered).  Staying all together on site adds to the experience, you get to sit around the campfire, chew the fat, and encourage each other to be better men.  You can stay in town if you need to, please see below. 

Bring all your own camping gear.  You can set up camp anytime from 10am Fri, please call if you want to come any earlier.  We'd appreciate if all RV's & caravans arrive by 3:00pm on Friday.

There will be toilets on site & water for cold showers.  The weather will be invigorating.

We'll provide all the food & facilities we need .... seating, port-a-loos, campfires, & endless open sky.​

If your mobility is a bit limited, let us know, we have assistance available and sites reserved for you. 

Campfires are permitted in designated areas only.

For everyone's safety we can't allow drugs, dogs, alcohol or firearms.

Inverell is a town of 12,000, & is a 10 min drive east.  

Because this whole event is happening outdoors, you'll have to be prepared to dodge a few rabbit holes, jump over some rocks & fight off some drop bears.  In a nutshell you are agreeing to have a great time, while being totally responsible for yourself & your gear, & you indemnify the organisers against any liability whatsoever.

Although this weekend is for men, Sunday morning is for everyone, so all of our families and friends are welcome to join for the Sunday morning session at 9:30am.  No ticket is necessary for Sunday morning.

During the weekend we'll probably take some photos and videos that we'll use later on, by coming you're saying you're ok with this.

We are a part of Mighty Men Conferences, started in South Africa when Angus Buchan was called to challenge men to surrender to God completely, and to live for God in their marriages, homes, workplaces, churches, and community. The story of Angus and his family is told in the movie "Faith like Potatoes". His website is


For camping, we provide the space, you provide the rest, make it warm.  Most guys have swags or tents, some have vans.

For water, we'll have water available in large containers, you bring a bottle... also bring a cup for hot drinks.

For eating, we'll provide plenty of good food, you bring your own plate & tools, but because we are catering for so many blokes, if you have dietary requirements, please just select from what's available &/or supplement with your own, thanks for understanding.

For clothes, you bring everything, but include a good hat, & probably a beanie.

We'll provide all the facilities you'll need... seating, port-a-loos, grub tent, campfires, endless open sky, staging, conference sound system, lighting, etc.  You'll have to bring anything else you might want.

If you need to stay in town ..

It's definitely better if you can stay on site, camping all together adds to the experience.  But if you need to stay in town, accomodation is available but will fill up quickly, please organise this yourself.

Local accommodation alphabetically:

Cousins Motor Inn

Fossickers Rest Caravan Park

Inverell Caravan Park

Inverell Motel

Inverell Terrace Motor Lodge

Sapphire City Caravan Park

Sapphire City Motor Inn

The Club Motel

Top of the Town Motel

Twin Swans Motel


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