REAL MEN meeting our REAL GOD

      We are an ordinary bunch of blokes, from right across the north west of NSW.  We work as farmers, builders, agronomists, professionals and tradies.   Some of us are just starting out, some have weathered a few droughts.  We have our share of struggles, I'm sure we have a lot in common with you.  But our lives have been changed completely, when we got to know Jesus.  We are real men, who have met our Real God. 

      So we just want to get a mob of men together & give them an opportunity to think through the really important questions in life.  To help us do that, we'll have some great speakers, we'll share some good food, enjoy the outdoors, & swap our life stories.  You should come join us.

We are a part of Mighty Men Conferences, started in South Africa when Angus Buchan was called to challenge men to surrender to God completely, and to live for God in their marriages, homes, workplaces, churches, and community. The story of Angus and his family is told in the movie "Faith like Potatoes". His website is

Inverell mighty men

 We really want to connect with you, contact Danny Everingham anytime, details below